Dave’s early church reading list

Every so often I put together a list of suggested reading around a certain theme. So, here’s  my list of good reads from the early church. This stuff is worth reading because: Continue reading


Show me the way to go home (John 14:1-14) #HomeFor Christmas

Sermon notes from Nueva Vida (Saturday)


Worried that your faith will fail?

–          Persecution

–          Life’s difficulties (work, family, health)

–          Imperfect church

Context – Last Supper. Jesus is going to his death and his disciples are about to fail badly


What will keep your faith going? Continue reading

Boundaries, Inconsistencies and Theological Safe-guarding

If you’ve been reading some recent posts you’ll hopefully have picked up the following

1.       Human theological systems are imperfect – this means there is scope to challenge, reflect and speculate as we seek to improve our descriptions of God and his actions.

2.       We are all likely to make errors however, there are two protections in place against those errors leading to heresy. The first is an intentional thing -we seek to put boundaries around our thinking and discussions to ensure we don’t stray beyond them.

3.       We are also inconsistent. Meaning that we don’t pursue our errors to their logical conclusions Continue reading

How we talk about God

One of the reasons why there has been some debate between evangelical/reformed theologians about the Doctrine of God is to do with the language we use to talk about God.

We can end up with three types of language. Continue reading