Revelation overview

Prologue – A vision of the risen Jesus (ch 1)

Revelation 1 The Lord of the church

Prologue and Greeting to the churches

From “John” -see introductory notes on authorship -he is a partner in suffering – not removed from it. An exile.  Strong NT theme -exiles, strangers in this world (literal and many cases) but citizens of Heaven. Continue reading

Reading Revelation

As I mentioned the other week, I’m just starting to delve into the book of Revelation. We are hoping to run a preaching series on this amazing book at some point in 2017 and I wanted to carve out some time to do some preparatory work on this.  Because we team teach at Bearwood, it means I can create space to do some forward thinking. It also means that as preachers and teacher we then try to look ahead together and have a common understanding of what God’s Word is saying to us (so this prep work is both necessary and possible).

Here’s an invitation to join me in my study as we explore the topic together. So let’s kick off with some introductory background. Continue reading

What stops me hearing God?

At Bearwood Chapel we’ve been thinking a lot about our worship together and discovering and using our gifts recently. This has been the big theme from 1 Corinthians 11-14.  We’ve seen that three things should be happening.

                We should be glorifying God

                We should be encouraging and building each other up

                We should be hearing God speak to us

I want to pick up on that third point here. How do we hear God speak and what can stop us from hearing Him? In earlier articles on faith-roots, we’ve seen that everything God does reveals something of his character. So God speaks through creation, through his acts in history, through personal testimony. We see something of this type of revelation in what are sometimes referred to as words of knowledge and prophetic insights. These things are part of God’s General Revelation. Continue reading

God’s Goodness and Greatness: Implications for Spiritual Warfare

If God is completely sovereign and knows all things, past present and future, then is spiritual warfare real?

Or to put it the other way round, given that the Bible talks about spiritual warfare and given our experience in life of an ongoing struggle between good and evil, doesn’t this challenge our understanding of God’s complete and detailed sovereignty over everything? Continue reading