Welcome to Faithroots, a website all about how what we believe about God, us and the world around us (or doctrine & theology) has very practical and helpful implications for how we live our lives.

Watch out for more detail to follow.

Our aim is to publish regular series on specific themes.  In September we will run a series all about why what we know and believe about God and us is so important and how we can know things about God, Creation and us with certainty.  This is sometimes referred to as “The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God” or “The Doctrine of Revelation.”

Each series will look at what the Bible has to say about a subject.  We’ll also find out what specific people have thought, said, written and sometimes argued about on a theme.  But we won’t stop there as though this is an intellectual exercise.  We’ll go on to look at how these things relate directly to specific circumstances that we might face