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The conversation you rather wouldn’t be having

“I just don’t think we can go on. We’ve tried everything. It’s time to go our separate ways.” With those words, you are asked to give your blessing to divorce.  Or, you’re sat talking with a young member.  They’ve recently started dating someone who is not a Christian.  “It feels so right” they tell you.  “Why would God allow me to have these feelings if they are wrong?” they ask.  “Perhaps over time I can lead him to Christ” they suggest hopefully. Continue reading


Revelation -the only basis for loving, lifechanging pastoral care (Practical implications 5)

How we choose to counsel and advise people will also depend upon what we believe about God’s Revelation Continue reading

God’s Word protects us (Practical Implications 3)

Scripture provides protection against abuse and false teaching

It’s worth noting how False Teaching works. In 2 Timothy 3:13, Paul talks about imposters who “go on” both “deceiving and being deceived.”  The subtlety of deception is that we can even convince ourselves of the stories we tell.  The level of sincerity with which a deception is held to provides no excuse or justification.  Romans 16:17-18 again highlights the subtle craft of the false teaching describing how “By smooth talk and flattery they deceive” (v18) with the intention of causing divisions (v17). Continue reading


By the way, the painting featured in our last post was produced by Chorong Gang who spent several months with us whilst working with OM Lifehope. The painting was part of a set of large canvasses that were produced during an Arts Day called “The Big Picture and the Big Story.  Here are a couple of the other pieces.

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A people Gathered around God’s Word (Practical Implications 1)

There is a strong theme running through Scripture that God shapes his people by his Word. Creation is formed by God speaking as he calls light and separates it from darkness, speaks into being the oceans and land, the stars and planets, the sun and the moon.  He creates the first people and instructs them to fill the earth: he blesses them.  He tells Adam and Eve how to live in the Garden of Eden.  He speaks judgement against sin and calls Noah to build an ark so that his family will be saved.  He blesses Abraham and promises him many descendants.  He calls him to leave his home and promises him a new land.  He calls Moses to lead the people of Israel from slavery to freedom.  At Sinai (Horeb), God gives the people laws to live by when they are in the land which he has promised them.

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