Where are We?


This is a quick “where are we?” posting. Over the past few weeks we’ve spent most of our time talking about doctrine and theology. The posts are perhaps a little longer than you might expect on a blog and for a website that claims to be concerned with practical matters, this may have seemed a little theoretical.

However, there’s a good reason for all that’s come before. We’ve been starting to do the heavy lifting of clearing the ground and digging down to provide the foundations for all the practical comment and discussion to come.  We live in an instant culture where we want to fix things quickly.  We live in an age that values the strongly expressed opinion.  But if how we live depends on what we believe then before we can address those “how to live” questions we need to spend serous time on the “what to believe” questions.  Before we talk about how to act and speak, we need to pay attention to how we think and how we hear.

So this will be the pattern on Faithroots. We’ll spend a lot of time getting down to the roots of faith, finding out what it is that we are meant to believe and then we’ll work up from there to see the fruits of living faith.

Cue a series of posts exploring the implications and application of what we believe about God’s Revelation!