Sorry! -a Postscript

Last week we were looking at the topic “Sorry! Some practical implications for apologetics.”  Co-incidentally I was also teaching a couple of Apologetics sessions at OM Lifehope. One student asked “What do I do when someone’s objection is that they are already happy and contented in life.” Continue reading


Event -Biblical Counselling in the Local Church

There’s an excellent day conference coming up in February.  Each year, the Midlands Gospel Partnership run a day conference.  This year it will be held at Monyhull Church, Kings Norton on Thursday 5th February.  The speaker will be Steve Midgely and it’s all about “How wise biblically counselling produces growth in the body of Christ.”  For more details go to

Sorry! Worked examples for Apologetics

The questions we want to ask…and answer

If God exists, why doesn’t he show up and prove it?  If the Gospel is true, why is the church so full of hypocrites and killjoys?  If God is love, then why doesn’t he stop all the suffering in the world?  Can I really trust the Bible to be true?  Any Christian who has tried to tell someone else about their faith is likely to have heard at least one of these questions and objections.  So how do we respond? Continue reading

Spiritual Warfare

“I think my house is haunted; there’s an evil Spirit present. Will you come and do an exorcism?”  How would you respond to this request?  Or what do you do when someone confidently announces that the reason that the evangelism team are struggling is because of territorial spirits? They suggest a prayer march through the town to reclaim the ground. Continue reading

“The Bible Tells Me So” (Book Review)

Everyone likes a good story, including God! This is the premise of Peter Enns’ book “The Bible tells me so.”[1]  Enns believes that, “Defending Scripture has made us unable to read it.”[2]  Essentially, God and his book the Bible have been badly misunderstood with dire consequences. Continue reading