God is love and God is Trinity

Mike Reeves opens his book “The Good God” with this comment:

“God is love”: those three words could hardly be more bouncy.  They seem lively, lovely and as warming as a crackling fire.  But ‘God is a Trinity’?  No, hardly the same effect, that sounds cold and stodgy.[1]

But like me, Reeves is firmly convinced that the two phrases go hand in hand, adding, “Yes the Trinity can be presented as a fusty and irrelevant dogma, but the truth is that God is love because God is a Trinity.”[2] Continue reading


Talking About Suffering

I recently had the opportunity to lead a session at the Midlands Gospel Partnership Ministry Training Course on the question of suffering.  Here are some background notes I prepared.  I relied heavily for them on Tim Keller’s brilliant book “Walking with God through pain and suffering”.  So you may do well to skip my notes and simply buy his book.  But if you want a taster, read on. Continue reading

Talking about God -starting in a surprising place

Lies about God lead to mess and destruction in our lives.  So we will want to respond to those lies with truth in order to re-orientate and correct our view of what God is like.  Where to begin? Now here’s the surprise: we’re going to start by talking about the Doctrine of the Trinity.  That might seem like a very odd direction in which to take our discussion.  Here we are trying to think practically about our beliefs and now we’re being asked to delve into one of the more difficult, hard to understand and potentially controversial aspects of doctrine.  This sounds like a wrong turning away from practical down to earth stuff and towards obscure, academic debate. Continue reading

The lies we believe about God

What we believe matters.  Our behaviours and feelings, the choices we make – whether wise or foolish – are all linked to whether we believe truth or lies about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation. Continue reading

How Do You Know?

Happy New Year to all our readers.

We hope that you’ve been enjoying the articles published here and that you’ve found them thought provoking and useful.

Our first series of posts have been collated together as a PDF Book “How Do You Know? – The Doctrine of God’s Revelation.”  Throughout the series we have seen that in order to know truth, we need God’s revealed Word.  Knowing God’s truth and being able to discern between truth and lies is vital to all aspects of Christian life including: worship, pastoral care, evangelism, preaching and spiritual warfare.

If you’d like us to email a copy of the book to you, then please complete the contact form available here.