The Cross -a short film featuring Billy Graham

  The Cross -Billy Graham

Showing at Bearwood Chapel on the big screen.

Monday 16th February: 2:00pm and 7:30pm

Imagine going to hear a preacher, not in a church hall but in a big arena or even a football stadium.  That might sound unbelievable but it’s exactly what happened in the 1950s when a preacher called Billy Graham spoke at Haringey Arena and again in the 1980s to packed football stadiums around the country including Villa Park.

His message was simple and he didn’t offer any flash gimmicks.  He was no TV evangelist with false promises of miracles.  He just talked about Jesus and why he came to die on the Cross.  Thousands turned up to listen and many responded putting their trust in Jesus, a decision that has stayed with them for a lifetime.

Billy Graham is now in his 90s and his days of travelling and preaching to thousands around the world are over but he has recorded what is probably his last message on DVD.  The DVD includes an interview with him, footage of those rallies from the 50s and 80s and interviews with others who have put their trust in Jesus including Grammy award winning Lecrae and Lacey Storm.

Come along and find out what that simple message was that not only drew large crowds but had a lasting impact.  We’ll be showing the DVD at Bearwood Chapel on Monday 16thFebruary, 2:00pm and 7:30pm.

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