Preaching the Trinity

If you had three sermons to preach on the Trinity, what would you say?  This was very typical of the sort of exam question that Mike Ovey used to set us at the end of the Doctrine course at Oak Hill Theological Course. I must confess that I ducked that question on the exam paper. At the time I really wasn’t sure how I’d move from knowing the doctrine to preaching on it without it turning into a lecture.  However, over the past few weeks at Bearwood Chapel, we’ve done just that, we’ve had a teaching series called “The Good God” (title borrowed from Mike Reeves’ book)  and we’ve looked at what how what we believe about the Trinity affects how we live together as a church family. Continue reading


The Trinity and Relationships

Remember Juliet? We left her sitting in a coffee shop gazing into the eyes of Romeo.  So, a few days later, you meet up with Juliet for coffee and you broach the subject: “So who’s the guy?”  She tells you that they met at work, they really like each other and have been on one or two dates.  No, he isn’t a Christian yet, but she’s hopeful.  He did go on an Alpha course a few years back.  He didn’t complete it because it didn’t really click with him at the time.  He found the leader a bit dull and no-one really talked to him.  Juliet thinks it would have been a different story if he had come and done Christianity Explored with us.  Anyway, he’s going to come and see her play in the worship group sometime soon.  Maybe something in the sermon will speak to him, providing the pastor doesn’t get too moralistic! Continue reading

Trinity Applied

We’ve already seen something of how important the Doctrine of the Trinity is. It points us clearly to God’s character as the God who is love and it is essential to our understanding of salvation. We now want to pick up on one or two other practical applications. Continue reading