Meet some people

We’ve kept saying that what we believe affects how we live.  So what does it mean to live out our belief in God the Trinity in daily life?  It’s time to meet some people.


First of all, meet Albert. Albert is 45 years old, married with two children and he works as a manager in a large engineering company.  Albert is proud of his work.  The company manufactures a range of equipment and a number of their products are supplied to the National Health Service. As a child, Albert dreamt of being a doctor, but things didn’t quite work out that way. However, at least in his current role, he feels that he does some good. Indirectly, he plays his part in saving lives.  Albert (or Mr Hall to his team members) is well thought of in the workplace.  He is known to be diligent in his work; he is kind and considerate: a good people person.  He takes pride in the quality of his work and that of his team.

Now, here’s the problem.  Albert works incredibly long hours.  If you try to call him in the evening, you won’t be able to get through to him. He’s still at work. He has even taken to going into work at the weekends.  He usually has holiday left over at the end of the year. He very rarely makes it to Home Group and when he does, he looks washed out.  Two weeks ago, he fell asleep during your impassioned conclusion.


Juliet moved into the area following University and quickly got involved in the life of the church.  She has volunteered to help with youth work and is well loved by the young people; she plays piano and was quickly co-opted onto the music rota.  In fact, she is a gifted musician and is being asked to play most weeks now.

Last week, you bumped into Juliet in town.  She didn’t notice you at first because she was sitting in Costa Coffee gazing intently into the eyes of the young man opposite her.  When she did catch your eye, she suddenly seemed embarrassed.  She introduced her companion, Romeo, a work colleague.

Tom & Gladys

Tom and Gladys are a married couple in your home group.  Ethel is also part of the group.  Over the past month, Gladys has not been coming to Home Group. Tom has been coming on his own.  Well, actually, he has been coming with Ethel, who he has been giving a lift to.  That’s fair enough, but you also notice that Tom and Ethel seem to be increasingly familiar – intimate even – with each other.  There seems to be chemistry there.  How do you respond?


Methuselah joined the church 3 years ago.  He came to an event and gave his life to Jesus.  When he was baptised, he told his story of how he struggled with alcohol. The church helped him join a group for people with addictions and eventually he seemed to be clean of alcohol.  However, you’ve spotted some clues and think that he is back drinking again.


Precosia was extremely off hand with you after the church service two weeks ago.  You’ve tried to phone her since, but she refuses to answer your calls and this Sunday she visibly turned her back on you.

Getting to know them

Hopefully at this stage, you’ll have realised three things.

  1. These are all made up people!
  2. The situations they represent are very real!
  3. You are working with incomplete information. Before you can start to advise, there’s a lot more that you want to know about them.

So why not try a little exercise?  Jot down your initial observations.  What else would you like to know?  How accurate a picture are you likely to be able to form? What do you think is going on?  What lies about The Trinity might be being believed?