Preachers or teachers?

Okay, this is a bit out of sync with our current series on “Who is God?” but I’ve just picked up an email to a group of pastors and teachers asking about the difference between preaching and Bible studies.  Should our main Sunday morning gatherings stick to preaching or can they ever include “Bible study.”

This links a little to our earlier series on “How do I know?” So I thought I’d share some thoughts here.

There used to be a big distinction made (perhaps still is) between preaching/preachers and teaching/teachers. Continue reading


Preaching the Trinity (3rd Sermon) Another Helper

During our Sunday meetings at Bearwood Chapel we found that over a period of time  we kept coming back to some questions that followed a theme: “What stops me?”

“What stops me from seeing God for who He is?”

“What stops me from worshipping?”

“What stops me from truly knowing God?”

“What stops me from trusting and taking God at His Word?”

“What stops me from hearing God speak?”


Well if we are going to know, worship and hear God then there’s someone really vital that we need to talk about, The Holy Spirit. Continue reading

Preaching the Trinity (2nd Sermon) – The Father and the Son

What does it mean to know God as Father? As soon as I use the words father, dad, padre, vader, apa you will have an image in your head.

The father that you are to your children

The father that your dad was/is to you

The father that your husband is to your children Continue reading

Preaching the Trinity -God is Love ( 1 John 4:1-11 Sermon)

“How do I know that I have seen God for who he is?”

As a church we’ve been working our way through Marks Gospel. We’ve met a blind man who Jesus caused to see, although it was a two stage miracle with the man’s vision blurred at first.  We heard about a man who was both deaf and mute.  Jesus healed him so that he was able to hear and talk again. Then there was the man who was isolated from his community because of leprosy, a disease that labelled him unclean.  Jesus healed him too.

As well as healing the sick, Jesus has taught the crowds and fed the hungry in their thousands.

Meanwhile, Herod has been watching on.  This so called King was confused by Jesus.  Who was he? How did he exercise such power and authority?  Herod had imprisoned and executed John the Baptist.  And so his sensitive conscience led him to conclude that Jesus was some kind of re-incarnation of the prophet, come back to haunt him.

As we’ve looked at these events it has got us asking: “What is it that stops me from seeing/hearing/trusting/worshipping God for who he is?”  So  it is right to ask the question “How do I know that I have seen Him?”

Here is the answer.   “You know by how you live” In other words,  What you believe will affect how you live Continue reading