What Jesus says about divorce and re-marriage (Mark 10:1-12)

Here are my notes from the sermon itself:


Sometimes we find ourselves where we don’t think we want to be.  We’ve been enjoying a gentle excursion through Mark’s Gospel where we’ve met Jesus the healer, Jesus the wise teacher, Jesus the one who offers grace, love and mercy instead of legalism and religiosity.

So Mark 10 seems to hit us hard.  This does not sound like the Jesus we were expecting.  Suddenly he seems to be the one saying down The Law. What do we do when Jesus seems to go right against our contemporary culture’s understanding of morality and relationships? Continue reading


Divorce and Re-marriage

This Sunday I’m preaching on Mark 10:1-12 where Jesus is asked about divorce and re-marriage.  The subject is big, controversial and sensitive and we don’t have time to go into all the detail within a short sermon.  So the notes below are aimed to provide more background and to help people think through the different options that Biblical scholars and pastors have suggested for how we should answer the question. Continue reading

The Trinity and ….a marriage on the rocks

Marriage on the rocks?

It’s time to return to our scenarios.  Let’s go back to Tom and Gladys.  Tom, you will remember was giving Ethel a lift to Home Group whilst his wife Gladys stayed at home.   So how do we apply our knowledge of the Doctrine of the Trinity to this pastoral situation? Continue reading