Happy? A #whatstopsme event

One of the big objections to the Gospel  is that people are “happy” they find contentment in work, family, leisure etc they don’t need a God.  What is more, our world has “grown up”,  We are quite capable of working out how to do good, to treat each other well, to care for the vulnerable without needing a God and religion telling us how to live our lives.  It’s not just that people don’t believe there is a God.  They don’t need one either.

Often the objection comes not because people are “militant atheists.”  They are not particularly inspired by the likes of Richard Dawkins.  There’s just a sense that life is fine as it is with God and religion being pushed at them all the time.

On the 14th June at Sunday Night Church we have a special guest event where you are welcome to invite friends, family and colleagues along to hear a talk, ask questions and discuss this topic.  The talk starts at 7pm and as usual, food will be served from 6pm onwards.

You can ask specific questions on the subject prior to and during the talk either in the comments here or by tweeting to @bearwoodchapel using the hashtag #whatstopsme