What’s next?

We’ve now completed our look at The Trinity. We’ve learnt what it means to call God Father and why we must know him through the Son. We’ve seen that The Trinity is essential to our knowledge that God is love. We’ve thought about how to preach and teach about the Trinity and how the doctrine applies to pastoral situations.

We’re now going to take a little break from our series on “Who is God.” A couple of weeks back I posted an article on how to listen to evangelistic sermons. We, quite rightly take time to train people how to preach sermons but surely there’s also a place for learning how to listen to sermons. So I intend to run a mini-series on how to listen to different types of talks.

We’ll then come back to our “Who is God” series and start to find out more about God’s characteristics. We’ll be learning more about how and why God is Love, we’ll see that He is Holy, Just, merciful, eternal, unchanging and much more.