Faithroots Live

From September, we’re going to try and offer some “Faithroots” workshops.  Hopefully you find the articles here helpful but we’re also aware that this may not be enough or even work at all for some.

Some of you will find that the articles here raise even more questions and so you want to ask them and discuss them with others. Of course there’s the “comment” option here but that’s never quite the same as face to face  conversation is it?

Some people want to learn more about Doctrine and Ethics and apologetics but prefer to listen, ask questions, and comment rather than read. They find that they take things in, understand, remember and apply better that way.

So  from September,  I’m planning to run some weekly workshops for those who are around and want to join in.  These are likely to be on a Friday afternoon.  I appreciate that this time won’t suit everyone (and of course it is dependent on you living near to Bearwood Chapel!) but we may be able to look at other options as well.

If you are interested in joining these sessions, please get in touch