First Birthday

It’s Faithroot’s first birthday. So, here’s a quick look back at what we’ve been doing and a look forward at where we are going next.Looking back

We set Faithroots up to provide practical teaching. As our tagline says, “what we believe affects how we live.” So the aim was to look at some of the big meaty beliefs of Christian faith (sometimes called Systematic Theology and sometimes called Doctrine) and show how those beliefs are directly relevant to lor lives and our witness. This means that the theology here is always applied. Together we learn about how to live godly lives (ethics), to encourage, correct and help others (pastoral care and counselling) and to explain and defend our faith (apologetics).

In the past year, we have run two main teaching series. The first looked at “How do we know?” Tis introduced us to “Revelation” as we discovered that we can only know God and make sense of His World because he reveals truth to us. Then we started to look at “who is God?” This has practical implications for what we prioritise in church and how we go about Christian counselling. We started by seeing that God is Trinity. This is good news, it means that we can call God Father, it means that we can say “God is Love?” These wonderful truths about God help us to deal with all sorts of challenges that life throws at us from addictions through to relationship problems.. We also published a number of one off articles including book reviews, significant sermons and observations on hot topics.

Looking back the three articles that generated the most interest during our first year were:

Starting points. This is where we began to look at what it means to live in a messy world with all the pain, chaos and trouble that sin causes. We saw that in making sense of the world, we can either choose to believe lies or truth about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation.

Divorce and Remarriage. Earlier this year, whilst preaching through Mark’s Gospel, e got to the point where Jesus is asked about divorce. The topic is complex, controversial and sensitive meaning that we could not do it full justice in one short sermon. So I published an article here looking at the wider biblical teaching on divorce and why there is disagreement among Christians about whether it is okay. It’s not surprising that this generated so much interest. Divorce is one of those hot topics that we are all affected by in some way. If you have not experienced it in your own family, then you are likely to know at least one family that has.

The lies we believe about God. This article kicked off our “Who is God?” series. We saw that throughout history the big mistakes people have made about God include believing that he is distant and remote or near but small and powerless, that he will change his mind or that he is stubborn and impersonal and that he does not and/or cannot love me. In this article, we saw why these lies are so deadly.

Looking forward

Coming up on Faithroots, we are planning to continue looking at the question “Who is God?” This will include asking questions about what he is like, his nature, his attributes, We will also find out about what God does and why?

First of all, over the next few weeks, we will be publishing some articles about “Multiple Congregations.” Many churches and Christians are currently thinking about how they can be involved in church planting. One way that you can start to do this is by moving to multiple congregations within your existing church. Bearwood Chapel have gone down this route and so we wanted to take the opportunity to explain why and to share some our experiences and lessons learnt.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the articles on Faithroots this last year and found them helpful. We would love to hear from you if you have found the articles helpful and if you would like to make any suggestions about future content.