The Last Supper (Mark 14:12-26)

Last Sunday our bible teaching was on Jesus’ last supper with his disciples.  So we decided to integrate communion in with the teaching Continue reading


The challenges of Multiple Congregations (Multiple Congregations 5)

Multiple Congregations 1, Multiple Congregations 2, Multiple Congregations 3 Multiple Congregations 4

It’s not easy to plant new congregations, even within the same building, keeping the same overall leadership. Here are some of the challenges we faced

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Are Multiple Congregations Biblical? (Multiple Congregations 4)

Multiple Congregations 1, Multiple Congregations 2, Multiple Congregations 3

I didn’t realise at first that having multiple services was a controversial issue. I knew it would be potentially controversial within the church itself, any change is. However, what I didn’t realise was that in the wider church there is some disagreement about whether or not churches should do it. Continue reading

When the foundations are shaken

The twin towers stood out and defined the New York skyline. So that day when the planes crashed into them and the world as we knew it completely changed is etched in our memories. It was “earth shattering.” The idea that the US, the last remaining Superpower could be attacked on home soil was shocking. The reality that civilians going about their normal business were no longer safe was devastating. It shook their world to its foundations.

Has your world been shaken to its foundations? Is there something or someone that you built your life around? You thought they would always be there, rock solid, dependable. How do you respond when your world is shaken like that? Continue reading

Multiple Congregations not Multiple Services (Multiple congregations 3)

Multiple Congregations Part 1, Multiple Congregations Part 2

Right from the start, we said that we were planting congregations not simply splitting our service into two services. Why did we say this? Continue reading

Why Parliament should reject the assisted dying Bill

This Friday, the House of Commons will debate a bill to legalised assisted suicide. If the Law is passed, doctors will be able to prescribe lethal drugs to enable patients to take their own lives. This major ethical decision has come in effectively under the radar without much media attention. Continue reading