Faithroots Live

“What is Christian Doctrine and is it really that important? How do I distinguish between acceptable differences of opinion and false teaching?”  “How can I be better equipped to share my faith and respond to objections and difficult questions?”  “I want to be able to better support other Christians as they engage with the struggles of life.”

These were some of the comments and questions that led us to set up Faithroots.  Now for those who would like a further opportunity to think through these sorts of issues with others and to be able to discuss and ask questions, we’re planning to offer regular  workshops at the Chapel.

The first session is planned for next Friday 11th September at 1:00pm. Get in touch or come along if your interested.  We’ll be able to guage then the level of interest this term. If enough people are interested and available at that time, then we’ll consider running the sessions on a weekly basis