The Plausibility Problem

Ed Shaw writes as a Christian who experiences same sex attraction but who wants to live faithfully as a Christian in obedience to Scripture.[1] He argues that for Christians like him there is often a plausibility gap.  The message is “just say no.” But this looks like an impossible demand and an unattractive prospect.[2] Continue reading


Engage : Will I be welcome and accepted?

This question is often one of the biggest concerns that stops us from joining a new group. What if people don’t talk to me? What if they do talk to me but start to find out things about my life that they don’t like and then shun me? Continue reading

God is Sovereign (Part 1)

As we think about who God is and what He is like, we keep coming back to those two big lies we can end up believing: that either God is not good or God is not sovereign (and sometimes both). In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were presented with this twin temptation and they fell for it. When they chose to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge, they were falling into line with the two lies. Continue reading

Engage: Why Bother? (Part3) -Why bother with Jesus?

Our new congregation, “Engage” will start with a First Look course running from the 8th November. First Look is a four part course which introduces the attendee to who Jesus was, how he lived, what he taught and why he ended up being executed by the Romans at such a young age.  But why give so much attention to this one person who lived 2000 years ago many thousands of miles away? What has a wandering preacher who never wrote any books got to do with me? Continue reading

Engage: Why bother? (Part 2) -Why bother with the Bible?

What does the Bible have to say to 21st Century people? Isn’t it out of date?  Can I trust it?  And in any case, why insist that the Bible has to be the basis for our discussions. Surely when you get a room full of people then you’ll have a lot of experience, a lot of perspectives, a lot of expertise.  Continue reading

Engage: Why bother?

Over the past month, we’ve been publicising and inviting people to our new Sunday afternoon service, Engage. Perhaps you received a flyer with a copy of Luke’s Gospel or a newsletter through your door. Your first thoughts might be “Well that’s nice of them to invite me, but what’s the point in going along to church?” Continue reading