Engage is for….

Our new Sunday evening gathering “Engage” starts on November 8th at 5pm. Engage will be a café style meeting with food and discussion.  It will be similar in style to our Sunday Night Church.

Engage is for anyone who:

…is wanting to find out about God and the Bible. It will be  a place where you can ask the big questions of life “Is there something or someone greater ?” “How did we all get here?” “Does my life have meaning and a purpose?” “Where’s this all heading? Does history get to have a happy ending?”  It is also a safe place to ask the day to questions. “How can I get through the week ahead?” “Am I on my own?” “Is there help?”

…is looking for a church and hasn’t found one yet. If you have recently moved into the area and are looking for a local church where you can meet with others to pray and look at the Bible together then why not come and try Engage. You are of course welcome to try any of our other congregations as well such as Nueva Vida (Saturdays at 5pm), The 9:30 Service or 11:15 Morning Worship on a Sunday Morning, Sunday Night Church (from 6pm) or The Monday Group which h is a little more traditional in style (2pm).  There are also lots of other great churches locally which you can have  a look at.

…is not able to make a Sunday morning (or later Sunday evening) service.  We know that life is busy and work or family commitments may make getting to church at a more traditional time difficult.  That’s why we try to provide a range of options so that time is not a barrier to meeting together with others to worship and hear God speak through the Bible.

….is interested in church planting. You will see from earlier articles on this site that we are committed to multiplying congregations and hope to see churches planted in Sandwell, West Birmingham and the Black Country. Maybe you share this passion but are not sure where to start. Could Engage be the place where you learn about planting something new?  If you are already part of a local church then before pursuing this option, please talk with your church leaders (see below).

…has been at one of our Sunday morning meetings and would like the opportunity to attend a second meeting for further fellowship and bible teaching in a different format. You can choose between Engage or Sunday Night Church if this is you.

Who is Engage not for?

Well you could say that Engage is for everyone and we will certainly aim to welcome and include anyone who wants to come. Of course, it will not be for everyone and if you are looking for something slightly more formal then you may prefer one of our other services.

However, we’re not trying to attract people who are already part of a local, Gospel centred church. We are not in competition with other local churches and love to see them flourishing. In fact one desire we have is to see every church in our area preaching god’s Word faithfully and full. As another local pastor has pointed out, if every church in Smethwick were full several times over, there would still be many people who would not have had the opportunity to attend a church service.  So,  if you’re already involved in a church, pray for us and the work of the gospel here just as we pray for you.