Lord of Space (God is Sovereign Part 3)

God created space and time. He is the one who made the Universe. He formed the planets; he put the stars into space. This massive Universe with its many galaxies that stretch far beyond the reach of the most powerful telescopes was made by Him.

This means that God is greater than the Universe. He is infinite. Now, when we say that He is infinite, we are not just saying that He is a bit bigger than the Universe. There’s not a way of getting to God’s outer limits. That’s mind blowing. God is over and above space.

But is God outside of space, distant, not present? No. He is omnipresent. He fills space with his presence. The Psalmist says that there isn’t a place in the Universe where we could run to and God would not be there.

God transcends space and time. The Lord of Time is not a double hearted alien flying backwards and forwards to different planets at different points of history. If The Doctor existed in real life instead of fiction, wherever and whenever his Tardis landed, he would discover that God was already there before him. And that means that when we think about prayer, we should not see that urgent desperate plea as an attempt to summon God from a distance space, persuading him to come and act. God is already present with us.

What we are seeing here is that God is both Transcendent and imminent. He is great and infinite beyond our understanding, beyond defining beyond analysing but he is near, close. We can know Him and we can have a relationship with Him.