The #WhatStopsMe Conversation

Many people have big questions about life, the world around us, why we are here and if there is something more than mere existence. All of us have our ideas and opinions. We want to share them with others and to hear what others have to say. However, for many of us going along to a church and talking about these things in the context of Christian faith and the Christian God is just something we cannot see ourselves doing.

We realise that there are many people who are open to talking who want to listen and to be heard but would not see a regular church service as “for them.” So we want to open up a conversation. That’s why we are asking the question “what stops me?”

It might be that you cannot see yourself believing in God (or at least in the God that Christians seem to believe in) because you find some of the claims about God unbelievable or unpalatable. It may be that you want to investigate what the Bible says but fear that this will come from expectations from the church about conforming to a standard in order to fit in. Maybe you simply find the way that Christians think, act and talk off putting, weird or hypocritical.  Maybe you simply feel that your own beliefs and values have been misunderstood or even misrepresented?

So we want to open up the conversation. We’re going to host a #WhatStopsMe event at Engage, our early Sunday evening congregation on December 6th at 5pm. It will be an opportunity to talk, listen and reflect. However, we’d love to see a wider conversation via this website, social media (twitter etc) and in homes, cafes and pubs. Basically, wherever and whenever you would be comfortable to chat.

If you’re interested in joining the discussion but can’t come along on the 6th December then drop us a line via our contact page. We’d love to hear from you.