What happens to strangers?

In a week when the front runner to be Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has proposed banning Muslims from entering the USA and at a time when there is increased suspicion of people from other backgrounds, many people will find themselves feeling like strangers in their own country.

At a time when people find themselves increasingly isolated from others even as they live in busy cities and at a time when many people live in broken, hurting families, many may find themselves feeling as though they are strangers in their own homes.

So this Sunday we will be singing the lovely new carol, Jesus Joy of the Highest Heaven and asking what it means when it says:


come to turn me a stranger,

into a child of God.”


Join us for our Christmas Café Event at either 5pm or 7pm. Sunday 13th December. We’l l also be singing carols together and enjoying mince pies, coffee, tea and lots of other food.  All ages welcome.