Open Theism

Open Theism is an attempt to deal with the problem of suffering and answer the age old question “If God is loving and God is Sovereign – how can he allow bad things to happen?” Continue reading


Dave’s Apologetics Reading List

Dave’s Apologetics Reading List

Apologetics is all about being able to give a reason for our faith and for the hope we have in Christ. It includes being able to answer the big questions people ask, respond to objections to the Gospel and defend Christian beliefs. It also includes the ability to challenge other belief systems and to identify the inconsistencies in what people believe and show how they need the Gospel.

There are a number of different approaches to Christian Apologetics. The result is that I have a preferred approach (known as Presuppositional Apologetics) meaning that many of the books below will align with my preferred approach. I have however included books that give an overview of the different types of apologetics and some examples of other approaches in practice. Continue reading

Dave’s Pastoral Counselling Reading list

Someone recently asked me to put together a list of suggested reading for them to do with pastoral care and counselling.  I thought it might be helpful to share this a bit more widely.  I would suggest that it is particularly useful for

a. Those involved directly in pastoral care within the church

b. Those involved in preaching and teaching -this helps us to keep our teaching practically and pastorally focused.

c. Those who may be involved in or considering careers in the medical and secular counselling world. It’s helpful to have thought through your approach from a Christian perspective and have a theology of your specific area of work. Continue reading

Who is the true hope of the World? …And who isn’t?

Okay a little plea for care in how we talk as Christians and church leaders. There’s a little catch phrase that’s been doing the rounds for a few years that “The church is the only true hope of the world.” Continue reading

The Treasure Hunt (The benefits of wisdom -Proverbs 2-3)

I once took part in a treasure hunt. It was when I was at University. Someone left me a clue in my pigeon hole (post box). I followed it to the next clue which took me along the corridor, then to the next. Eventually I got to the laundry room. There was a problem, the next clue was missing. I never found it. No-one ever owned up to setting up this trail and I never asked. I never found out where it led and what the treasure was!

Don’t worry if wisdom is treasure and we are on a treasure hunt, then God’s Word guarantees we will reach our destination and find the treasure Continue reading