If you follow @BearwoodChapel on Twitter you may have started to see this hashtag. What’s it all about? #PlantBC is about our desire to encourage church planting across our part of the West Midlands (The Black Country –particularly Sandwell –and West Birmingham).Black_Country_Flag_svg

We believe that church planting and church re-vitalisation is an important method of evangelism. Often new church plants can reach people and communities that existing churches cannot reach. We also have found that new church plants (when done properly) can have a positive impact on the existing church providing partnership, encouragement, new ideas etc.

So we would like to encourage church planting in our part of the West Midlands. The Black Country, is a wonderful, vibrant urban area. It is also a desperately needy area. It needs gospel workers and gospel churches.

Church planting happens in different ways including:

  1. An existing church (or several churches in partnership together) sending a group of people out together to start a new church in a community where there isn’t an existing gospel witness
  2. An existing but struggling church receiving help from other churches to start again. This is sometimes called church revitalisation
  3. A house group takes on an evangelistic focus seeking to reach its local community. This group may then eventually become an independent church. It is possible that instead of the group growing large, multiplication will happen by the group splitting to start new house churches
  4. An individual or couple moving into an area specifically to try and start a new church by reaching their neighbours. This might start with an evangelistic Bible studies in homes.

Each of these approaches has its place and if church planting is to happen in the Black Country then we are probably going to see all of them happening.

If we are going to see planting happen then we also cannot do it on our own. We need gospel partners. Partners will include

  1. Other Gospel hearted churches in the West Midlands that will share our vision for church planting
  2. Other churches and individuals who will commit to praying for the Black Country
  3. Individuals with the calling, commitment and gifts needed to lead church plants or to be part of planting teams.

If you are seriously considering getting involved in church planting then please have a look at our “Partner with us” page.

If anything you are reading here strikes a chord, then please do get in touch via our contact page.