Dave’s Apologetics Reading List

Dave’s Apologetics Reading List

Apologetics is all about being able to give a reason for our faith and for the hope we have in Christ. It includes being able to answer the big questions people ask, respond to objections to the Gospel and defend Christian beliefs. It also includes the ability to challenge other belief systems and to identify the inconsistencies in what people believe and show how they need the Gospel.

There are a number of different approaches to Christian Apologetics. The result is that I have a preferred approach (known as Presuppositional Apologetics) meaning that many of the books below will align with my preferred approach. I have however included books that give an overview of the different types of apologetics and some examples of other approaches in practice.

Books Explaining how to do apologetics

Craig, Habermas, Frame, Clark & Fenberg: Five Views of Apologetics –outlines the different approaches to apologetics. Each writer explains and defends their particular approach. They also have the opportunity to respond to and critique each other’s approach

John Frame: Apologetics to the Glory of God –Frame in his own book outlines the presuppositional approach

Cornelius Van Til –Christian Apologetics

Cornelius Van Til –Defense of the Faith

Van Til is the father figure of presuppositional apologetics

JH Bavinck: An Introduction to The Science of Missions

Apologetics Modelled

Timothy Keller: The Reason for God

Barry Cooper & Barry Williams: If you can ask God one question

Henri Blocher: Evil and the Cross

Gavin J McGrath: A Confident Life

Other examples of Apologetic Approaches

William Palely: Natural Theology

CS Lewis: Mere Christianity

Josh McDowell: Evidence that demands a verdict