Open Theism

Open Theism is an attempt to deal with the problem of suffering and answer the age old question “If God is loving and God is Sovereign – how can he allow bad things to happen?”

Open Theism makes the mistake of Trying to get God off the hook by limiting God’s Sovereignty

I did think that Open Theism had faded into the background somewhat but a recent Premier Christianity Magazine article mentioned it as a new theology along with Annihilism and The New Perspective.

Our recent articles on Who is God have been helping us to see that a full hearted confidence in God’s goodness and God’s greatness offer a better answer to the problem if suffering.

To see how we handle the questions raised by Open Theism, track through our articles on God’s Sovereignty (start here and then follow through the articles tagged Doctrine of God, especially the “God is Sovereign mini-series).

Then look out for two articles coming up over the next few weeks.  First we will see what happens when you put God’s goodness and greatness together.  Then coming up a detailed examination  of where Open Theism goes wrong.