Finding Wisdom -The series

We’ve now completed our mini-series from Proverbs 1-9. Here in one place are links to all the articles.

Are You Wise?

This was Dave’s introductory sermon from Proverbs 1. How does the Bible define wisdom? What does it mean to know and fear God?

The Sinner’s Enticement

Here you can read a transcript of Hannes’ recent sermon looking at how to guard against temptation.

Pay Attention to wisdom

Wisdom calls us to pay attention to her. This message came with a warning. What happens when we fail to pay attention to wisdom? Does a time come when  it is right to stop trying to advise and help?  What if we stop hearing God’s voice?

Treasure Hunt (The Benefits of Wisdom )

God’s Word and wisdom is not just something to learn and obey. We seek it out, treasure it, enjoy it. We learnt here about meditating on God’s Word, encouraging each other and finding life and joy in Christ Himself.

Father and Son

Reflections on Proverbs 4. Discover how the book of Proverbs offers a meditation on the 5th Commandment (Honour your parents). See how wisdom is relational.

Adultery –what’s the big deal?

The theme of adultery and temptation is repeated through these early chapter of Proverbs? Is this just because the Bible has a “sex problem?” When something is repeated, it is worth stopping to ask “why?”  This article suggests that whilst Proverbs does offer practical advice about marital faithfulness, there is a deeper theme of faithfulness to God and so to His Word and to each other (His people).

Trouble Maker

Was all about three types of person likely to get themselves and others into rouble whether deliberately or through negligence and naivety

Wisdom’s True Identity

Solving a riddle, “Who is wisdom?” We also learnt about how to carefully apply the Old Testament so that we can see how it points to Jesus but not in a simplistic way that leads to error.

Wisdom’s Invitation

Wisdom reminds us of grace, invites us to find our provision in God and leads us to the communion table where we share bread and wine.