God in the dock mini-series update -atheism

Just to let you know that we’ve not forgotten about the planned articles on God in the Dock -atheism’s objections to His goodness and greatness.  I’m working on those articles at the moment and they should be ready in April.

Also it might be helpful just to say a little about how I’m planning to approach those articles. The aim at the moment is not to engage with a full apologetic discussion about God’s existence. This site is primarily a teaching site for Christians rather than a debating site and so that affects how subjects come up. The questions about Open Theism and Atheism arise in the context of articles on God’s character and attributes.

This means that when we talk about the challenge of atheism, there are a number of big questions about can we prove God’s existence and specifically about things like creation and evolution, proof of miracles etc that are relevant to that debate but haven’t been the focus of our recent attention. I’m likely to touch on those subjects as they are relevant but a fully discussion of things like How the World began and do miracles happen are likely to come up in more detail at a later date (we will run a series on Creation later on as it is one of our four big questions “Do we believe lies or truth about Creation?)

I hope that if you are asking questions from an atheist or agnostic position that the articles we do post in the near future will be helpful but if you’re looking for the wider debate then you may want to supplement your reading here with other literature :o)

Also, I’m deeply aware that for many people who have issues with belief in God, their questions and doubts started with negative experiences of religion. That’s one of the reasons why I think that the “Guilt and Grace” issue is so important.  At times, religion has been the cause of guilt and shame. If that resonates with you, you might find the articles on Guilt, Grace and forgiveness helpful.








2 thoughts on “God in the dock mini-series update -atheism

  1. what other readings would you suggest to supplement reading your posts here?

    Some atheists have had bad experiences with religion, but most of us are atheists because there is no evidence for any gods or the events that theists claim that their gods caused. Many religions do try to use guilt and shame to control their believers; the problem with these religions, especially Christianity, is that Christians can’t agree on what to be guilty or ashamed about. The fire that they claim is threatening us doesn’t seem to be there.


  2. Tim Keller The Reason For God, James Sire “Why believe anything at all” CS Lewis “Mere Christianity” are good starting points. Various Christians engage with the evolution question -some from young earth points of view and some seeing creation happening through the process of evolution – a couple of good starting points there are Kirsty Bikett “Unnatural enemies” and John Lennox “Has science buried God?” although they might only be available in the UK


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