The Difference 2016 – What Difference does Easter make?

easter visualThe Difference 2016 is our Easter Festival, running from the 23rd -27th March. The overall theme is “The Difference Easter makes” but there will be a special theme for each day. We’ll return to this theme throughout the day at our morning devotions, kids club, arts events and evening festival café. There’ll also be articles, discussion prompts etc. coming up on Faithroots each day.

Wednesday -The Difference Good news makes

What is the good news of the Gospel?  (John 12)We’ve been forgiven, telling others the good news of forgiveness, forgiving as we are forgiven.

Thursday – The Difference love makes

Theme -Jesus as Son of Man and Servant of all John 13). We’ll explore what is servanthood and joy in service.  We’ll discover how Knowing Jesus leads to us being part of God’s family where there’s love, support, care.

Friday – The Difference that the Crucifixion makes

Theme Forgiveness through Jesus the Son of God who died in our place (v John 19:16-24).  We will explore: Why did Jesus die?  Why do we need forgiveness? Jesus as  Son of God -fully human, fully divine -able to provide the perfect, spotless sacrifice, able to forgive.

Saturday – The Difference Grief and Suffering make

Theme – Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us (John 19).  With him we can face suffering and grief.  We will explore how Christians face grief and suffering. We’ll return to what it means to be part of God’s family. We’ll start to think about what real hope is all about. We’ll discover that true hope and comfort is found in knowing God with us.

Sunday – The difference that Resurrection makes

Theme – Jesus is the Messiah, True King and Saviour. He has risen and defeated death. We will explore why the Resurrection is good news. What is true hope?  How does Jesus’ resurrection bring new life?