#TheDifference Day 2

For Reflection

Listen to the song “How long will I love you?”

  1. How long does love last?
  2. What is your experience of faithful and enduring love?

Read John 13

  1. Why is it surprising that Jesus continues to show love to his disciples?
  2. Have you ever been deserted or betrayed?
  3. Have you ever deserted or betrayed someone?

It is wonderful to know that despite our failings, Jesus’ love is unfailing.


The Difference Devotions are at 9am.

The Difference Kids Club runs from 3:15pm -4:45pm

The Difference Festival Café starts tonight. Join us between 7-9pm for coffee, tea, soft drinks, cakes and nibbles (all free).  Our theme is “The Difference Love makes” and there will be a programme including short talk, life stories, poetry and live music from 8pm. Our resident composer Jonathan Girling has been working on some new pieces of music some of which will be performed for the first time this week.