Guidance – 6 things to help and 5 questions to ask

How do I know when God is speaking to me? How do I know what is the right thing to pursue?  Here are some quick thoughts Continue reading


Dave’s Leadership Reading List

Every so often I try to put together a little list of helpful reading. Here are some suggestions relating to leadership.

On church leadership I’d encourage you to start with reading that helps you think careful about what the church is about and what it means to be involved in leading a church. By the way, I’d encourage all those involved in church leadership to be reading and thinking about these sorts of things, not just pastors and elders. Continue reading


On Sunday we asked the question “what is treasure?”  One very helpful answer was that treasure is something that is precious or valuable.  So what then does it mean to store up treasure in heaven?

Too often, we still have an image in our head that “earthly” means solid, physical, practical and pleasurable whilst we associate “spiritual” and “heavenly” with the ethereal, abstract and anything but enjoyable.  Doctrinally, we might know that this shouldn’t be true but if we are honest, those are the natural associations in our heads. Continue reading

Martyn Lloyd Jones -politics, elections and referendums

There are some big political decisions coming up over the next few months.  In the UK voters will be deciding whether or not to stay in the European Union whilst in the US the Republicans and Democrats are still in the process of choosing candidates for the Presidential election later this year. Continue reading

What Kind of Church? – A united church (1 Corinthians 1:10-17)

Jesus calls us to be one. Our love for each other is meant to be a witness to others but so often we fail in this. Churches end up being characterised by division, factions & tribalism. Christians create their own heroes. These might be national/international celebrity Christians or the go to people in the local church (my favourite elder or the church member who truly speaks for a significant group of us) Continue reading

What kind of church? – A gifted Church ( 1 Corinthians 1: 1-9)

Packing for a journey 

What kind of a traveller are you? When heading off on a journey, who throws everything in the car at the last minute? Who just sets off thinking “it’ll all work out somehow?” On the other hand, “who is planning and checking to the last minute -double check the suitcase, making sure doors and windows are locked.”

“Will I have everything I need?” This is a big question not just for our travel plans

Christian life – high expectations for church and individuals – growing in godliness, faithful witness etc.

Am I equipped? Do I/we have everything we need?

-God has equipped us to fulfil everything that he has called us to be and to do. Continue reading

God in the Dock 5 – Atheism and God’s Greatness

The second big objection to God’s goodness and God’s greatness we are going to look at is atheism. This says that if we have a problem with saying that God is good or that God is great, then the better option is to deny both: to say that God is neither good nor great.  In fact, such a God does not exist at all. Continue reading