Getting your bearings

Hi and welcome. I thought it might be helpful for newcomers just to explain a little bit about how this website works, where we have come from and where we are hopefully heading.

We set up this site as an online teaching and training resource from Bearwood Chapel, a small – medium sized church in the West Midlands, UK (of course church sizes are relative to context!)  The aim was to provide material to help people think about big questions including doctrine, apologetics, ethics and biblical studies. But we also intended it to be very practical to help people think about how they apply what they believe to how they live Our hope is that the site is useful for all Christians seeking to live out their every day lives as well as those involved in church leadership. We have a specific focus on pastoral care.  We also hope that non-Christian enquirers will find the site helpful.

Our initial approach has been to start exploring  big themes. These are

How do we know (What is truth and how can we know it. Is it possible to know God?)

Who is God?

Creation (where did this world come from and why is it like it is now?)

Humanity (Who are we? What does it mean to be made in God’s image? What’s sin? Is it possible to have a relationship with God?)

New Creation (What is God doing to put this world right -where is the future headed? Is there hope)

This means that you should be able to pick up on individual articles and enjoy reading them (or at least each little mini-series) on their own without trawling through past articles. However, you may enjoy going back and seeing the bigger arguments we are developing.

So far, we’ve had an initial pass at “How do we know?” You’re welcome to wade through old posts if you prefer but we’ve also bundled them together as a pdf resource available on request (check out all our pdf booklets here and this year. We are currently exploring the “Who is God?” question and a pdf booklet will be published when we finish the min articles.

Either later this year or early next year we’ll begin to look at Creation. This will include discussions about atheism, young earth creationism, intelligent design etc. But we’ll also take time to think about our place in creation, human responsibility to steward the environment and where things like work, rest, art etc fit in our worship.  We’ll also discuss why there is evil and suffering in the world now.

You’ll also notice that we pick up on other issues like current affairs, leadership and aspects of church life. We have a big interest in encouraging church planting and the training and equipping of future leaders so hopefully this site will wet your appetite in those things too.

We also include sermon transcripts and Bible studies from our weekend gathering from time to time. Recently we included a mini series from Proverbs and this is now available as a pdf booklet too (just ask).

Enjoy your visits and feel free to comment and give feedback.