Bouncy castles and church

Last weekend I was speaking at a church holiday. It was at one of those outward bound places with lots of things for everyone to do, high ropes, archery, canoeing and something incredibly terrifying called a King Swing.  On Sunday morning after the meeting the centre had organised bouncy castles for the kids.  All were having a great time and one parent turned to me and said. “The problem is that the kids will think this is what church is like.”  We paused for a bit and then it struck us “and what would be the problem with that?”

Now please note, I’m not saying that your church needs to bring in bouncy castles every Sunday morning for the kids. However, over the weekend that sense of simply being an extended family together, enjoying each other’s company, eating together, encouraging each other. It was a family holiday. Now, that idea of being a family together, knowing that God loves us, cares about us and has forgiven us -that should be something that is there all the time. If our kids think that is church, then job done!