The Humble Church – taking a burden off our shoulders

  1. Local churches have to take risks. Sometimes we try something and it goes well, sometimes it fails spectacularly. Sometimes after trying something for a period of time we have to sop. Sometimes an idea never gets off the ground. We may propose it, agree at a church meeting and then later on have to admit it isn’t possible.

All of this is terrifying if we are concerned to maintain our reputation and standing. What will others think? We’ll be seen as a failure. How will we face the next church conference or pastors’ fraternal when we are asked “How’s it going?” 

But you know, this think about being humble applies to a local church corporately, not just its members.  God hasn’t chosen us because we are important, clever, rich. He has called us as weak and vulnerable groups of people and promised to work through us and in us.  So, there’s no major loss of face if we give something a go and it fails. There’s just the joy in trying something for the kingdom.