How humility helps in the workplace

This means being completely counter-cultural.  The world tells me that I always need to be fighting for position and attention. I should be careful about admitting my weaknesses and make sure my CV portrays me in the most positive light possible.  If I do something well, I should make sure it gets recognised, not only will that help me with a financial bonus now but it will give me the chance of promotion in the future.Remember that humility isn’t about false modesty. When you know you can do something say so. That’s not about getting recognition. It is about making sure that if you are the best person for the job then you step forward so that the task is done well.

However, we don’t need to over promise. We don’t have to big ourselves up.  We can simply give a sober assessment of how we are doing.  It also makes us more effective because we’ll be more concerned about the right thing being done for the good of the organisation and our colleagues rather than being seen to be done.

We’ll find that if we don’t mind who gets credit for our ideas that they are more likely to be accepted and implemented. We’ll find that when we willing implement others’ ideas without he need to only promote our own ideas then we’ll be fruitful. Humble leaders will find that their team members feel trusted, valued and empowered making for a more productive and contented team.