#PlantBC Update (Spring 2016)

We’ve been encouraged over the past couple of months to start hearing from other people who have an interest in church planting in the West Midlands. A big part of talking about #PlantBC is simply to encourage people to pray about and consider this area. We want to get church planting in places like Smethwick, Oldbury, West Bromwich, Wednesbury, Tipton, Dudley etc up The Church’s agenda.Park Life

At the moment one of the things we are praying for is opportunities and venues where we can start to build contact with people and have Gospel opportunities. If we are going to multiply churches, then we’ll need to start by multiplying those opportunities.

We’re currently exploring possibilities of work around one of our local parks. This might include building up links with people through conversation, ESOL Classes (we are currently piloting a basic English class on Mondays and Tuesdays), debt and employment advice etc with the possibility of then offering First Look and Rooted courses.


When we started The 930 Service and began to talk about possibly planting more congregations in the future, one area we mentioned was the Bristnall estate. This is an old council estate with a mixture of rented social housing and some owner occupied.  Whilst there are churches nearby including Bearwood Chapel, the estate does have its own distinct identity and there hasn’t really been much by the way of focused gospel witness over the years.  In the last few years we have run a couple of carol services in the community centre at Christmas and started to include the area when delivering newsletters and invites to other events.

We would like to give a bit more focus to this area over the next few years and our prayer is that we will be able to build up contacts leading to one or two families being willing to have a look at the Bible with us.  Wouldn’t it be brilliant if this developed into a little missional community with s concern for reaching its own neighbourhood?

Training Partnerships

If you come along and partner with us now then we can offer you fellowship, prayer support, mentoring and some informal training via our Faithroots Live sessions on a Monday afternoon. We can also link you up with local training courses such at the Midlands Training Course.  We are currently exploring ways of developing more formal training over a 2 -3 year period.  Watch out for more details.


Has this whetted your appetite? If you are seriously considering getting involved with church planting in an urban context why not have a look at our #PlantBC page. We would love to hear from you and be able to start exploring the possibility of partnering with you.