Future Grace means ….

Here’s a quick list of some of the implications of faith in future grace

1.       It will keep leaders and pastors focused on 1 Corinthians 3 – we know that our work must be tested through fire. We look forward to sharing together in the joy to come.  This means that I should not get hung up on today’s results. People will be judging success now by how many people there are in the church, how many baptisms, how many church plants etc.  It’s good to keep track of these things but God measures fruitfulness. It will be better on judgement day to say “I genuinely discipled 1 or 2 people who grew as believers in Christ” than to say “I had a mega church of 5000 but it’s anyone’s guess if any at all were believers.”

2.       It means that believers are always looking forward with hope. A 90 year old Christian who may not have long to live still looks forward to the joy of eternity.

3.       It means that I have grace to withstand persecution and live through suffering.  These things are designed to produce hope.  Pain is hard but only momentary.

4.       It gives me a reason not to give in to temptation, instant gratification through sin is short lived.  I have eternity to look forward to.

5.       It means that I don’t have to be seduced by prosperity gospels. The problem of the Prosperity Gospel is not that it overstates the glory of God’s riches and the abundance of our inheritance. Rather, it understates it.  The Prosperity Gospel says “Grab/claim what you can, for yourself, now.”  The true Gospel says that we are all join heirs in Christ not of a bit of money, a fast car and a big mansion but of the whole creation. We have rooms in The Father’s mansion waiting for us. We look forward not to temporary healing but of complete restoration in the Resurrection for eternity.

Take time to thank God for these things. 

Can you think of any more to add to the list?