When the car crash has happened – guilt, shame and grace revisited

In my sermon on Sunday I used the example of someone pushing the boundaries, taking risks with their faith being like a driver taking corners at speed close to the cliff edge. They risk plunging off of the edge into a deep ravine. Continue reading


Why do we push the boundaries?

Why do we push the boundaries?

So why do we drive close to the cliff edge. Why do we push the boundaries? In 1 Corinthians 10, Paul talks about those who “Test Christ.”

Whilst the Corinthians saw this as a sign of their maturity and spiritual strength, I think it’s a sign of weakness not strength of doubt not faith. Continue reading

Lessons from the past (1 Corinthians 10)

You’ve probably heard the story about the boss who wants a new chauffer. He gets two drivers to do a test run along one of the most challenging passes up around the mountains. One driver puts his foot down. He wants to show off his skills, he takes the car right to the edge of the cliff close to steep drops, he takes the bends at speed. The other driver takes the drive gently and slowly. He keeps right in to the inside of the road away from the edge. Guess which one gets the job!  The driver doesn’t want a chauffer who will take risks and push the boundaries to prove his worth.  He wants someone who puts his safety first. Continue reading

Discerning a Calling 6: Keeping your calling fresh

So, you’ve been through all the questions, discussion and soul searching. Your church agree that it’s right to set you apart for ministry. You head off to Bible College, complete a course then get stuck into church planting, pastoral work or cross cultural mission.  And that’s that isn’t it? You are called for life! Continue reading

The Foreigner in your midst

I don’t often write to politicians – but I did the other week! In fact, I wrote to a lot of them, all the party leaders, the Conservative Leadership candidates and my local MP. What moved me to do this? It was the suggestion from some quarters that EU citizens living and settled in the UK might have to wait until we had negotiated a settlement with the EU about the rights of Brits living in Europe before having their own rights to remain, work, move freely and raise their families here guaranteed. Continue reading

Peace (Ephesians 2)

What price would you put on peace? Imagine that you’ve been sent to negotiate with a  neighbour at war with you. The war has been fierce and bloody over many years. Neither side looks like winning.  The enemy are willing to make peace too but they have demands. They want your country to give up substantial amounts of territory and to pay tribute to them. Would you say yes. Continue reading