Here’s an interesting read for those interested in Biblical Archaeology.



3 thoughts on “Philistines

  1. “The Philistines have had some bad press, and this will dispel a lot of myths,” said Lawrence Stager, an architect who has led the expedition that found the cemetery since 1985.”

    It seems that, from this quote, the myths creating this “bad press” will be shown to be wrong. The one of the sources of these myths is your bible, which doesn’t bode well for it.


    • No I think they are just commenting on the way the word became associated with anti art, culture etc which isn’t what the Bible says. In fact in the OT the Philistines are a better equipped. So the findings so far fit that.


      • And how did the term get associated with being anti-art, slaughtering babies, etc? The bible and your religion holds responsibility of that. So, these finds are showing that the claims in the bible are not true.


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