Wanted: Help in the Harvest Field (Be Part of Something 3)

So, you’re moving up to the West Midlands and looking to get involved in a local church. Perhaps you saw our article “Be Part of Something” about getting involved at Bearwood Chapel and you’re wondering “What would it mean to join a church like the Chapel? What might they need me to help with?” Continue reading


“Would I lie to you?” Integrity (Proverbs 13)

Pinocchio is a puppet who just wants to be a normal boy.  You’re probably familiar with the story.  Whenever he tells a lie, his nose grows a little longer.  Most of us probably wish that this would happen to the people we were dealing with. Then we’d be able to tell if they are telling the truth. Mind you, I suspect we’re all secretly pleased that this doesn’t happen to us. Continue reading

Faithroots’ Second Birthday

Royalty-free clipart picture of a bunch of floating party balloons with confetti at a party.

Did you know it’s Faithroots’ second birthday today?  We thought we’d take a little time out to highlight some of the most read articles from the past 2 years this morning. If you’re new to the site, this should give you a little flavour of what this site is all about.

The dominant event in UK politics this year has been #Brexit and unsurprisingly our article on how to approach voting, Should I Stay or Should I Go? has resulted in the most traffic. Whilst the article focused on the specific context of the Referendum, we hope that the principles set out in it and in other related articles have proved helpful for people thinking about other political decisions whether that’s local or national elections, the upcoming presidential election in America and the Labour Party Leadership election in the UK. If What we believe affects how we live then it should affect our politics. Continue reading

#PlantBC – The Bristnall Area

When we moved from one Sunday congregation to two at Bearwood Chapel, we expressed a hope that this would lead to multiple congregations as we began looking for opportunities to plant at other times within the Chapel and other places around the Sandwell and Black Country Area. Continue reading

The Disciplined Life (Proverbs 12)

It’s not often that you get away with calling someone stupid is it? But that’s exactly what Solomon does in Proverbs 12.

” To learn, you must love discipline;

it is stupid to hate correction.” Continue reading

It’s Personal

Jesus tells the story of a King who throws a wedding banquet for his son. He invites lots of guests but at the last minute they refuse to come. He invites new guests who come but one turns up not wearing wedding clothes. [1]

Those who didn’t turn up and the one who came improperly dressed seemed to know what they were doing. It was a calculated insult and a show of strength as they rebelled against the King and dishonoured his son. Continue reading

Faithroots Recap

The aim of Faithroots.net is to help us think about how what we believe affects how we live.  Over the past few years, we’ve included a lot of different articles about topics, events, debates and controversies. We’ve also included transcripts from Bearwood Chapel sermons. Continue reading