The Question no-one wants to ask

Here’s a question that every leader should ask -but we are often afraid to do so. The question is “Is it time to stop this.” Now, we may be tempted to ask the question when an event, ministry, organisation is struggling but what about when it seems to be doing well?

Here are a few good reasons for asking the question

1.       It may be better to go out on a high -when things are going well than to let something run on until it starts to struggle

2.       We can think that something is doing well/growing when in fact it is plateauing

3.       The event itself may be doing well but may actually be a distraction from our vision and stopping us from doing other things that better support the vision.

The result might be that we stop doing something. However, that’s not always the case.  Sometimes what the question helps us to do is refocus on why we have been doing what we have been doing.

So ask “If we stop doing ‘x’ then what will happen?”

“What would we be happy to lose?” “What positive impact will there be and who will experience it?”

“What would we miss?” “What negative impact would there be and who would feel it?”

The result of such questions is often that you come away with a sharper view of why you are doing what you are doing. It may be that as a result, you recognise that there are some specific strengths to what you do and you can build on these/ improve them.

Alternatively, you may recognise that the same needs can be met and the same gifts/talents employed but in a very different way more suited to your current context.