Faithroots Recap

The aim of is to help us think about how what we believe affects how we live.  Over the past few years, we’ve included a lot of different articles about topics, events, debates and controversies. We’ve also included transcripts from Bearwood Chapel sermons.However, at the core of faithroots is a series of articles helping us to think through some big questions and apply them to life. We’ve argued that how we live is affected by whether we believe truth or lies about




New Creation.

The aim on this site is to work through those subjects in a bit more detail.  Articles are designed to stretch us and get us thinking about “doctrine” (our core beliefs) but also to warm our hearts as we’re encouraged by seeing God at work.

We started out by asking “How do we know?” the truth about God, Creation, Us and New Creation.  Those articles have now been gathered into a short e-book available to download from our publications page.

We then, started to look in more detail at the truth and lies we believe about God.  If you want to catch up with those articles you can find them by clicking on

Scroll down to find the oldest articles at the bottom of the page.

In recent months we’ve been particularly looking at God’s character, what does it mean to say he is good, love, holy, just, wise, great, sovereign, eternal, infinite and why are those characteristics important? Those articles start from

In the Autumn, we’re going to do some work applying what we believe about God;s character to how we live. If God is good and God is great then how will that affect our approach to worship, prayer, spiritual warfare, guidance etc.

Why not take some time to catch up with previous articles now and join us each week in the Autumn as we enjoy applying truth about God to our lives.