Faithroots’ Second Birthday

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Did you know it’s Faithroots’ second birthday today?  We thought we’d take a little time out to highlight some of the most read articles from the past 2 years this morning. If you’re new to the site, this should give you a little flavour of what this site is all about.

The dominant event in UK politics this year has been #Brexit and unsurprisingly our article on how to approach voting, Should I Stay or Should I Go? has resulted in the most traffic. Whilst the article focused on the specific context of the Referendum, we hope that the principles set out in it and in other related articles have proved helpful for people thinking about other political decisions whether that’s local or national elections, the upcoming presidential election in America and the Labour Party Leadership election in the UK. If What we believe affects how we live then it should affect our politics.

Earlier this year, Hannes Ramsbner preached on the topic The Sinner’s Enticement as part of our series in Proverbs.  We try to include a selection of sermon transcripts and reflections on Bible passages as part of what we offer. 

At the start, we said that faithroots is for people living in a messy world.  One of our aims is to help people navigate challenging pastoral situations (whether they are facing the situation themselves or trying to help someone who is). Sadly, one of the areas where we really see the effect of The Fall in our messy world is in broken relationships.  Quite a few people have looked at our article on Divorce and Remarriage. We hope you’ve found this helpful.

The Lies We Believe About God introduced our series on Who is God.  Faithroots is all about belief and practice.  Our starting point is that you can either choose to believe truth or lies about God, Creation, Us (Humanity) and New Creation.

One of the areas we’ve explored this year has been the question of guilt and grace.  How do Christians live by grace, what causes guilt? Is there a difference between true and false guilt?  Why do we feel shame? Are guilt and shame helpful?  Have a look at The Truth about Cats and Dogs to find out more.

It’s been encouraging to see people also looking at our PlantBC page as we seek to encourage interest in Church Planting for Sandwell and The Black Country. Take a look and if this is an area you think you could partner with us in, then please get in touch.