Wanted: Help in the Harvest Field (Be Part of Something 3)

So, you’re moving up to the West Midlands and looking to get involved in a local church. Perhaps you saw our article “Be Part of Something” about getting involved at Bearwood Chapel and you’re wondering “What would it mean to join a church like the Chapel? What might they need me to help with?”Well here are a few more thoughts.  Remember that the background here is that we are a small-medium sized church in an ethnically diverse area. Our building is small and that has encouraged us to think not so much about how to grow one big congregation but to see groups and congregations multiplying and reaching into our local neighbourhoods and communities.  As we look around us at diverse and needy community, we often are aware that taking the Great Commission seriously means that we are permanently stretched.

We need people who can love and listen. There are so many people in our community with broken and messy life situations. Often a listening ear is appreciated and can lead to Gospel centred conversations and prayer.  We need people who can give maybe a few hours here and there during the day, maybe by volunteering at our Community Café (or even just popping in as a customer) or maybe by being available to talk to parents at our Toddlers’ Groups and children’s clubs.

We would love to have a few more musicians whether that’s guitar, drums, bass, wind or string instruments. We enjoy lively singing at all of our congregations and would like to be able to build up  a few music groups.

We need people who can help setting up and clearing up at events. Our own building is in use 7 days per week and we are also looking at events and gatherings away from the Chapel.

We need people who have a gift and a love for children’s and youth work. We run a variety of clubs during the week and also seek to make families welcome at all of our weekend gatherings.

We need people who can give time to deliver news-letters, hand out invitations and even to visit homes door to door to make Gospel contacts. Whilst most people who do become Christians do so through friendship evangelism, the vast majority of people in our communities have no Christian friends. How will they hear unless someone goes?

We desperately need people with language gifts. There are many different languages spoken in our neighbourhood. We have a number of ESOL classes and would welcome more volunteers to help and train as teachers. We also need people who can help with translation (our biggest need currently is for Spanish speakers but that’s not the only language spoken locally.  I regularly meet Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Punjabi, Urdu and Arabic speakers.

We need people who are willing to join new congregations and gatherings and be part of a core team. It may be that as you spend time with us and gain ministry training and experience that God might lead you to be involved in leading a new group or plant.

That’s the nature of local church outreach. The church depends on body ministry. Our primary focus as a church is on seeking to reach the unreached.  There’s a big harvest field and great Gospel opportunities.

If you’re moving into the Sandwell and/or West Birmingham area and think that God might be leading you to come and join us at Bearwood, we would love to hear from you.