Coming soon to your church, the best ever discipleship course ….

…Or why not simply get involved in the life of the church? 

We love a good course don’t we?  We have more courses than a posh dinner! It seems that the solution to every issue in church life from how to become a Christian to how to conquer that habit is answered by putting people on some kind of 7 -10-week programme. Continue reading


Servant Leadership

In our last post, we said that an important safeguard against abuse, manipulation and control is for a church to exercise “servant leadership.”  Servant leadership should also encourage servant membership and a church where members are fully involved, using their gifts for the service of Christ, His Gospel and His Church.

Here are some quick thoughts on how we do this. Continue reading

Spiritual Gifts who are they from?

Worship is about

                Glorifying and praising God

Encouraging one another  /being a witness

Hearing God speak to us?

How do we know that it is God speaking? Continue reading

God’s Goodness and Greatness: – Implications for Prayer

Another response to God’s character should be a lively prayer life. In fact, this is part of worship. Prayer is an obvious response to God’s goodness. God is love and so prayer is about a relationship with him, knowing God and knowing that he loves to hear us. We can be confident that a good and loving God will answer. Continue reading

Self Evaluation (1 Corinthians 11:17-34 – The Lord’s Supper)

Those of us involved in teaching and leading try to seek out feedback and to give each other feedback.  How did we do?  Did we pick the right type and number of songs?  Was the talk the right length?  Did I speak clearly but not too loudly?  Was there variation in tone and emotion? Was the application relevant? Continue reading