Marriage, Gender and Worship

This Sunday, our Sunday morning Congregations are back looking at 1 Corinthians.  We’re about to delve into a section on public worship. We’ll be finding out what is meant to happen when believers gather together, how we should share communion together and what it means to exercise our gifts to glorify God and build one another up.

1 Corinthians 11 starts by talking about what happens when men and women are involved in public speaking in church (prayer are prophesy).  Paul’s teaching here can sometimes cause controversy and we may find it challenging but it is rooted in what he believes about who God is and his relationship to us. It also connects strongly to his teaching on marriage.

In order to get to grips with the passage, some wider thinking on those topics might be helpful  Take a look at our Publications page where we have e-books on Marriage at Work and Male and Female Leadership roles as well as an attempt to give an overview of what the Bible says about same sex relationships. Whilst the last booklet is maybe not so directly relevant to this topic, readers may find it timely and helpful in light of recent events in the Church of England with the consecration of the new Bishop of Grantham.