What difference does it make? A Rooted Question

In my talk about “Who is God and what has he got to do with me?” (Rooted 1). I said that the response we give to the two questions “Is God great?” and “Is God good?” will affect our lives and relationships with others.One of the questions that came back was “How does it affect life?”

As you known we’re actually looking at that question in some detail at the moment with our normal weekly faithroots articles. However, I wanted to just share my on the spot answer here (plus a couple of further observations).

Knowing that God is love, that he loves me unconditionally and eternally encourages me to love sacrificially too. It means I can be vulnerable with others because I know that I’m safe in the sovereign and loving God’s arms.

If I did not believe that God was there, then I would have to look after number 1. The correct outworking of belief that there is no God, or that God is absent or that God is not good is selfishness. Survival of the fittest is the right response to that belief.

Because God is there, I can be vulnerable.  I don’t have to fight for my rights or reputation.  I can put others first. I can put myself in a position where others may even say and do things that disappoint or even hurt me and I can forgive. Love changes everything.

Now, my further observation is that this does not come easily.  It’s not that God suddenly waves a magic wand and makes me meek and humble.  Nor can I leave being meek and humble to those who are naturally that way. My natural tendency is to want to defend myself, to fight back, to win.  It takes sanctification and learning self control. It takes the ongoing work of the Spirit to change.

But because God is great and God is good, that change is possible and it is worth it.