Church Health Check

Our Church Leaders’ Away Day this year mainly focused on a bit of a health check or MOT. Here’s a list of the questions we asked and talked about. 

  1. Is the church well fed?

o   Is there consistent, faithful Bible teaching ?

o   Is the Bible teaching relevant to our context and practical?

o   Is the teaching demonstrably bearing fruit in lives?

o   Is there evidence that members engage with Scripture throughout the week?

o   Do we have a clear sense of our “theological Vision” – i.e. what are our doctrinal essentials and how do we apply them in our context  (or what’s our DNA)?

  1. Is there evidence of commitment to and accountability within the church family Body ministry).

o   Are people committing as church members?

o   Is there a sense of “body discernment” when we make big decisions?

o   Is there a healthy, trust based relationship to all church leaders?

o   Are people involved in small groups?

o   Are we characterised by hospitality?

o   Unity marked by humility -willing to submit to one another, counter others better than ourselves?

  1. Are people becoming Christians and growing in their faith

o   Are we seeing professions and baptisms?

o   What is the prayer life of the congregation like?

  1. Are we all involved in some way in sharing the Gospel with others?
  2. Are we growing new leaders?
  3. Is there a healthy interest in wider mission?

o   Are people interested in what is happening around the world?

o   What is our relationship like with other churches?

o   Do we naturally pray for wider mission?

o   Are we setting people apart and sending them whether short term or long term into cross cultural mission?

  1. What is our giving like?

o   Time, money, energy?

o   Generously, freely, joyfully, not under compulsion?

  1. Do we have healthy and robust structures  (whilst vine work is essential, we shouldn’t neglect the ‘Trellis’ structures). Things to think about might include

o   The Constitution

o   Leadership structures

o   Communication

o   Finances

o   Property/Facilities Management