We spent this weekend in a lovely converted stables set in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. We were celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday. On Sunday morning I went for a walk down the country lane and along the way met a young family out on a nature trail. They were picking up conkers from the ground.  Mum had a big plastic carrier bag and one child was putting all their conkers in there. They were amassing a large collection. The other was trying to cram conquers into her pockets -very unsuccessfully.

“You know that if you share all your conkers together -then you’ll have many more when you get home.” I suggested to them.

“No!” answered the little one.  “I’m going to keep mine all by myself.”

We aren’t very good at sharing.  We like to hold onto things for ourselves, knowledge, possessions, gifts, power etc. We don’t get much better at learning as we grow older that everyone is richer when we all chip in together.

One of the things we’ve seen as we’ve looked at the Gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12 is that gifts are for sharing. It’s not so much that God gives me a gift as that he gives a gift to the church through me. When that happens we are all enriched, encouraged, equipped. 

It’s similar when it comes to vision. So often in industry and even in church I’ve seen that we (including me) can become very precious about our own personal ideas, agendas and plans. Yet, when we share together in the same vision, we often find that we achieve so much more and that with a good vision our own individual ideas and plans get implemented too.

How will you do at sharing this week?