Revelation Structure

The Book of Revelation contains a series of messages and visions.    It can be broken down as follows.

Prologue – A vision of the risen Jesus (ch 1)

Seven Churches -a series of letters to the churches of Asia Minor (ch 2 -3)

Seven seals – The lamb is the only one worthy to open the scroll and read it (ch 4:1 -8:5)

Seven Trumpets – Warning sounds that announce judgement and terror (Ch 8:6-14:20)

Seven bowls -God’s wrath is poured out (ch 15-16)

A tale of two cities – the fall of Babylon and the rise of the New Jerusalem. New Creation -a New heavens and a new earth (ch 17:1-22:6)

Epilogue – Jesus is coming (ch 22:7-21).